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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Changes of Autumn

hey guys! So, I've decided that every for changing season, I will change up the blog. And You guys can help me pick my new ID pictures. You'll get three options, and vote in the comments. Each "contest" will last up to 2 weeks at most. so yea. Here are the Holloween/Autumn/Fall Options:

this one (#1) is Amu; Amulet Dia (Diamond) I chose it due to it's yellow-orange color theme. That and I just love Shugo Chara as every Otaku should.
I chose this one (#2) because of the color and kind of mood theme. And I drew it too! So yea. #2
and last but not least, another one I drew for Pretty Cure Season Touch! fanmade "manga." This is #3 and is the one I like the most. She is the Season Cure of Autunm/Fall which has a pretty good reason for being picked. :) yeppers, right?
So next up, I'm finishing (yes, it is in progress) chapter 3 of A Whole New World. :) later - ♥ZoZo♥ (p.s.  - That is this YEAR'S sign out!  - that is all)