I won't say that I am Lonley, for I have faith we will meet again

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Fault in Our Starts by John Green (review)

                  Today, I finished a book I started in the November of 2012, hoping for relief from the dry, utterly boorish storylines and plots commonly used in today's ever-constant life. Uninterested, I closed the book midway through, finding nothing particularly different about the book. Today, when I found myself slipping out of reality in utter boredom, I, out of the curiosity that has tampered with me for 5 months, reopened the "light" novel and began reading the finely typed print. Throughout the delicate words and phrases used in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, my childish heart began to throb. Not only did Green give his characters definition in addition to personality, but he spun a web of fiction. Of reality. Of life. He led me on to many astray roads only to have my mind baffled by a surprising new twist. While leading the tears down my cheeks as I continued to turn the slightly-creased pages, Green dabbed his book (I should be calling it what is truly is, a masterpiece) with perfect humor. The kind I both could, and could not relate to. it is quite clear to me that Green's work of art, The Fault in Our Stars, has left me in a state of wonder. Whether it be not being able to understand all the new feelings Green's book showed me, or the simple understanding of exactly what he told through his novel, I can tell anybody on this earth three facts about this book.
  1. John Green has created a master work of art. It will be cherished, if only for a moment, in one's heart.
  2. You will understand love after reading The Fault in Our Stars, whether or not you "truly" understand it currently.
  3. A tear will fall. If not physically, then mentally. You can not deny it.


My first review... damn it was easy to write. (Only because it was a fantastic book, though) And a Thank You is now given to Carrie Hope Fletcher, who gave this book the first review I heard. The one that made me want to read it in the first place. - Z

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Live!

Yo peoples! So... yea... i don't really have a good explanation as for why my last REAL post was in november. I was just a little busy with the dramatic soap opera known as life and there's also the fact that i was busy being a lazy butt, and yet i still asume others shouldn't so this. Hehe... so here are some things i am CURRENTLY working on for all of you:
  • a novel seiries titled Help/Tasukete
This is basicly a story about 4 young girls who have been friends for a long time. One of the characters, Yume, yearns for the [return of] love from one of the other girls named Mei. Meanwhile, another girl, Tsukani, wants all of Mei's attention [and pity for how "horrible" her life is]. What will the outcome be?
  • the video of our trip to Fox40 (i just need to upload it to Youtube)
  • drawings (seriously, i need to post stuff on my DA account, Zoey-Chan56)
  • singing covers! (currently working on:
  1. Nameless song/Song with no name/ Song Without Name - Kagamine Len
  2. Candy Candy - Megapoid Gumi (i think)
  3. Cosmic Star - Kagamine Rin
  4. Ah~ it's a wonderful cat's life - Kagamine Len and Megapoid Gumi (duet with either 'Kayla, Gladys, or my friend Morgan)
  5. PonPonPon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
I am writing my own lyrics for each.
  • speed drawings/inkings/colorings(colourings?)
Random Picture time!!!
 i need to finish this manga.
 Every damn time i find one of these... i relate. And that hoodie thing, i have Death the Kid spazz attacks every time the strings are uneven...
 I need to watch this anime (Card Captor Sakura)
 A Rice omlet

 The teacup of dreams... I MUST HAVE THIS!!!
 K-On cake!
Epic cookies.

The Red String Of Fate

Hey peoples! So this is for something i wrote for Tumber, only my image wouldn't go through so i posted THIS as a link!
When I first met Sebastian, he was, in my childish mind, nothing more that a jerk with a temper who liked to read. But, once i got to know him as a friend, i felt myself wanting to know more. I wanted him to be able to open up to me, and me to him. We did try to be together, but that quickly crumbled with an event that left me whispering, "What did I do wrong?" for a week. Our friendship remained, and all was well in our little circle of outcasts. We still were both way too into Warriors books and reading, and even got along better in class. I felt myself glancing at him in English, and doodling his name during math. I learned more about him, like how he was originally from Texas. It seemed like the year would be great, more memories to be made. That idea died when one day, at lunch, he announced that soon he and his family were moving to San Francisco. i was heart-broken, and really wanted to give him a proper goodbye. However, i wasn't luck enough. That day... when i went to say goodbye...i was so choked holding back the tears that after saying "You drive me nuts but i am really going to miss you," i hugged him. I was going to then say, "I know you'll come back, so I'll see you when you come back." but i couldn;t say it in more than a whisper. he didn't hear me at all. That was the day, the day my own red string of fate was cut with a single tear. I miss him every day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pretty Cure/ Precure Contest!!!

Dundundun! Celebrating Doki Doki Precure, we are having a draawing contest! CherryBlossom65 has agreed to make the 2nd cure in her new fanfiction (Sweetie Love Precure!) our contest prize. Simply tell us why you like precure and give us a link to your precure (and his/her information). It can be male or female, but we do have a deadline. 2-27-13 will be the last day, results no later than 3-5-13 All we ask is it be a link for the picture bit... and that it be your own artwork. No bases or copying please! Have fun! with a little luck, your cure might just fight alongside Cure Rose in Sweetie Love Precure! See you soon!

It's my new facebook club. Please help me...