I won't say that I am Lonley, for I have faith we will meet again

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Red String Of Fate

Hey peoples! So this is for something i wrote for Tumber, only my image wouldn't go through so i posted THIS as a link!
When I first met Sebastian, he was, in my childish mind, nothing more that a jerk with a temper who liked to read. But, once i got to know him as a friend, i felt myself wanting to know more. I wanted him to be able to open up to me, and me to him. We did try to be together, but that quickly crumbled with an event that left me whispering, "What did I do wrong?" for a week. Our friendship remained, and all was well in our little circle of outcasts. We still were both way too into Warriors books and reading, and even got along better in class. I felt myself glancing at him in English, and doodling his name during math. I learned more about him, like how he was originally from Texas. It seemed like the year would be great, more memories to be made. That idea died when one day, at lunch, he announced that soon he and his family were moving to San Francisco. i was heart-broken, and really wanted to give him a proper goodbye. However, i wasn't luck enough. That day... when i went to say goodbye...i was so choked holding back the tears that after saying "You drive me nuts but i am really going to miss you," i hugged him. I was going to then say, "I know you'll come back, so I'll see you when you come back." but i couldn;t say it in more than a whisper. he didn't hear me at all. That was the day, the day my own red string of fate was cut with a single tear. I miss him every day.

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