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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Fault in Our Starts by John Green (review)

                  Today, I finished a book I started in the November of 2012, hoping for relief from the dry, utterly boorish storylines and plots commonly used in today's ever-constant life. Uninterested, I closed the book midway through, finding nothing particularly different about the book. Today, when I found myself slipping out of reality in utter boredom, I, out of the curiosity that has tampered with me for 5 months, reopened the "light" novel and began reading the finely typed print. Throughout the delicate words and phrases used in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, my childish heart began to throb. Not only did Green give his characters definition in addition to personality, but he spun a web of fiction. Of reality. Of life. He led me on to many astray roads only to have my mind baffled by a surprising new twist. While leading the tears down my cheeks as I continued to turn the slightly-creased pages, Green dabbed his book (I should be calling it what is truly is, a masterpiece) with perfect humor. The kind I both could, and could not relate to. it is quite clear to me that Green's work of art, The Fault in Our Stars, has left me in a state of wonder. Whether it be not being able to understand all the new feelings Green's book showed me, or the simple understanding of exactly what he told through his novel, I can tell anybody on this earth three facts about this book.
  1. John Green has created a master work of art. It will be cherished, if only for a moment, in one's heart.
  2. You will understand love after reading The Fault in Our Stars, whether or not you "truly" understand it currently.
  3. A tear will fall. If not physically, then mentally. You can not deny it.


My first review... damn it was easy to write. (Only because it was a fantastic book, though) And a Thank You is now given to Carrie Hope Fletcher, who gave this book the first review I heard. The one that made me want to read it in the first place. - Z

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