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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Info

Hello peoples! Okay, some of you might have read my previous account's blog: Melody's Blog. Well... I  had to make a new email so that blog will no longer have any new posts. Speaking of which, my last blog didn't cover this in an orderly maner so, these are my other internet accounts:
  • MusicalMelody-Chan on FanFiction.net
  • KZ Roboto on YouTube.com
  • Melody on Melody's Blog viva Blogger (Termanated)
  • Zoey on Zoey's Blog viva Blogger (this site, duh!)
  • LuchiaLover45 on DA
Anyhow... this is my
blog and i Love it. the story i had on Melody's Blog (A Whole New World) will be continued on here. you will see REAL drawings, unlike lasttime when I said i would and didn't. you will see pretty cure and anime music selected by both my 18-year-old brother and myself. and all my YouTube videos will be put on here as well as Youtube itself. This  is just like the new vesion of Melody's Blog.

I Love warrior cats!(Erin unter books). my friends and i even play Warriors at school, and i write my own mini series. My cat is ...
ThunderRose a yellow-orange she cat with a long orange bang that covers one of her blue eyes. The bang has a red stripe and the tips of her ears are black. Her tail is a black, red, yellow, and orange layered fluffy poof and she had 3 dewdrop-like marks under her showing eye.She is shy when she first meets others, but, once she gets to know them, she can open up to them. ThunderRose is great with kits and is FloralClan's medicine cat. Her apprentice is MoonPaw(MoonWisper).
I also love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My pony's name is Melody.  Her main coat is purple, and her hair is teal blue with darker blue hylights. Her eyes are leaf-green and sparkle brightly in the sun. Melody's cutie mark is a pokeball made into a musical note. Her talent is music, and, even though she is a pegasy, she can use a great deal of magic. Melody is from the world of Pokemon, and is a good friend of the magic group and Ash. Melody is kind and caring, but doen't baby others. She always has a smile on her face and often helps out at the library.
My pretty Cures:
  1. Asuka Hirochi ~ Cure Shimmer Asuka is a sickly orphan who is top in her class. She has light pink hair and red-pink eyes. She has a great voice, and even entered Song Chance!, a consert sweepstaks for her and 6 friends to preform. She transforms into the leader of Pretty Cure, Sparkle, Cure Shimmer. Her preCure fairy is the prince of the light kingdom, Cinnamon.
  2. Hikari Yumiwa ~ Cure Carnation Hikari is the leader of Sweet Dream Pretty Cure! and is great at cooking. After tranfering schools, Hikari found the other 4 Pretty Cures and PreCure fairies.  Her fairy is Honey, the princess of Dream Land(Sweet Dream Kingdom).
Shuffle precure- if not the one on fanfiction.net, were is this and how do i get to it!?!?! Okay, well that just about does it for now. In my next post i'll ether have chapter 1 of A Whole new world re-uploaded + chapter(in two-2- posts) or drawings of all my characters. lates - ♦Zoey♥

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