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Monday, July 2, 2012

Simalarities (Negima and Harry Potter)

hey guys! so, just recently I was watching Harry Potter, and I noticed something. There are quite a few simalarities between Harry Potter fromthe movies and books Harry Potter and Negi Springfield from the Manga-books and Animes Negima! Master Negi Magi and Negima!? Master Negi Magi (Negia!? Neo). So here they are, I will also be reading this on a Vlog video so yay!

  1. Both Negi and Harry are wizards
  2. they both loos control of their power(s) at least once in their main line series
  3. They are both from England
  4. Both Negi and Harry have kissed at least one attractive woman
  5. In the first book of Harry Potter and Movie, Harry is trying to find the sorcer's stome, while in the plot conflict of Negima!? Master Negi Magi (season 2 - Anime), Negi is trying to find the stolen Star Crystal. Though this exsample is slightly different for both Harry and Negi, they are still very simalar
  6. Both magical children are orphins, who never knew their parents. Negi met his father once, and searched for him long after, but Harry didn't search all that much. He did, however, see his parents in the reflection of the mirrior in The Sorcer's Stone movie
  7. They both wear circular glasses that don't seem to ever fall off (Negi's fell of in the Spirng OVA, but other than that... really.)

                 8. Both headmasters of their schools have really weird faces and hair styles.
                 9. They both ride "Broomsticks" quite fast, Negi's is really his staff, but it is very close to a broom.
                10. They are both, out of the blue, sent to new schools. Negi is sent to become a teacher of the english subject, while Harry is sent as a witchcraft and wizardry srudent. Both children were sent for magical purposes, and were ages 9 1/2 - 11 years of age.
So there you have it. I'm sure there are more, but I just listed those 10 along with some photos. More drawings and Fanfics to come  - ♥Zoey♦

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