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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ranma 1/2

HEEEEY!!! it has been forever! well... i'm back boys, and with my newest obsession, Ranma 1/2. Lolz! Ranma and his secret are just SO funny, and hoposi(did i... spell that right? oh well) with his funny love for bras and panties! Ha! That show is a laugh. So... I am creating a new fanfiction.net account. It is called: CherryBlossom65. here is a preview of my book(sortta off topic), Spirit Hunters

            Spirit Hunters
  The moon shadowed over the crisp, summer meadow of springs, turning the bright green grass a dark, murky color that marred the meadow’s beauty. The stars in the sky seemed to burn more bright than they ever had in the hundred years that the spirits of challenge had come to live among the 4 clans of the fountain of sky. Ever since that day, the 4 clans had to suffer through many hardships, including having to give up their territory to the speedy creatures. The clans had now fallen ill to a sickness that could only be cured by the spirits of the great challenges held, they would normally give them up, but why not now?

Did you like? Also, This is a BOG (Did i write bog???) BIG (MUCH BETTER) moment in blogger history:

yep. I AM still writing A Whole New World, but will also be writing some thing that is... NOT a fanfiction, thus... I DO OWN THE CHARATERS FOR: (Drum Roll Onigi-please-)
         Cure my Broken Heart

it's about a girl named Anya, a boy named Yuki, and another girl named Eva, AND a boy named Evan.

Weeeeeeeelllll... that's all for now, BYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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