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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update From the nyan cat ~NYA

NYA!!! Hi everyone ~Nya! This is the nyan cat ~nya. And I'm here to give an important anouncement anout Hong Kong, Japan ~Nya! Zoey orderd a VERY speicial watch from the show Yes Pretty Cure 5!~Nya And after a little setback Nya, It will arrive ether today, or Monday ~Nya. And, she ordered a second one for her BFFAE(BestFriendForAndEver): Morgan G! ~nya So, Morgan, if your reading this, the watch IS comming, the 3 months of waiting paid off ~Nya. Well, thats all for me, the Nyan cat, for  now ~Nya But I PROMISE i'll be reappering in many more posts to come ~Nya Live On, Live Fluffily with poptarts ~Nya ~The NyanCat(~Nya!)

yeppers! Was that the NYAN CAT!?! what'd he do to my computer?! -♥Zoey♦

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