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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Whole New World, Chapter 2 - Magical Powers (SHORT CHAPTER!)

Melody looked around. Fear pasted itself in her mind, Everyone had started to fight, but she just stood there. "Why? Why can't i move?!" suddenly, a flash of light exploded. "Twilight!" she heard pinkie call. "Are you okay?!" "y-yea..." she stuttered. "No, No you are not! that monster hurt you!" Now, Melody clentched her fists tightly. "How...DARE...you!" everyone looked at her. "No one hurts MY friends and gets aways with it!" angerly, she thrust her fists forward, a blue light emerging from them. "Pretty Cure:
Magic Melody Punch!!!" The blue light twisted and twirled around the monster, but Melody didn't stop there. She continuesly attaced the creature, using painful attack after painful attack. "Pretty cure: Magical Kick!" "Pretty Cure: Melody Mahoh(Magic) Shoot!" "Pretty Cure: Melody Muse!" with a final explotion, the monster trembled over and hit a tree. panting, melody allowed herself  moment to breath. "Huff Huff Huff... Take... That!" she said, beaming with pride. The other Cures simply stood there, shocked. "Let's get him while he's weak." All the cures attacked, but it was the freash precures' attack that finished the sick (please pardon this) bastard. "Pretty Cure, Lucky Clover; GRAND FINALY!!!" and with that, the creature dissapered, and everyone went back to normal.  "Wow... Melody, i- didn't know you had it in you!" RainbowDash prased. "Thanks rainbow... but, HOW IS IT THAT WE REALLY GOT TO THIS PLACE?!"

Well... it's been sitting around for a while so... AND the next post will have the LAST storie's pictures on it. Bye bye - ♥Zoey♦

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