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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey people! Sorry for not posting in a while, I've been busy with our class play: "The Revolutionary War"!!!!!!!! I was John Jay, the girl in the hat that looks like a witch's hat without the spike.
 Nico, Catherine, and Paris introducing Katherine/Betsy Ross.
 The First song, Tell Us, Betsy, Tell Us.
 Sebastian, Joey, and Ryan in the 2nd act, King George III. (Joey is the King, the others are the servents)
 the 2nd at song: "Great to be an Empire."
 3rd Act: Adams(Lisa) and Otis(Molly) + song: Taxation (Lolz! Look at me, behind Molly's elbow.)
 The 4th act, Sam and the Bostoians(sp????)with Marcus, Simon, ad Holden.
 Act Break, John Jay (Me) and Betsy (Katherine #2). I know my expression looks like "You want some Of THIS?", but I (think I) am saying "Its All We Could afford Betsy, and i CAN'T hit YOU, Your a Girl..." (I think)
 The Paul Revere Children (i order- Makiera, Autumn, and Morgan(the one in the stripes)), Rachel R. (Sadie - The one in the White night gown), and Paul (Bryce)
 Zanub and Karen in the "Tom, Where Do I Sign?" number (HAHAHAHA!!! KAREN"S BELLY!!)
 Taylor has now entered the song, as John Handcock.
 the AMERICAN HISTORY CHANEL'S HOME SHOPPING NETWORK with Daisy, Aspyn, Africa, and Mary (In Order)
 Still SHOPPING NETWORK, with Burt (Daisy) and Alice (Africa)
 Ryan and Sebastian as the Small States in the song: Big States and Small States
 Sophia, Autumn, and Katlyn as the Big States in Big States and Small States
 (In Order) Cris, Eric, Simon, Megan, and Africa as the redcoats in the minutmen song, Brown
 all the MinuteMen linking arms: Karen, Molly, Mary, Ani, Lisa, Me(Zoey), and Gladys in the minutemen song: Brown
 The WHOLE class doing jass hands with Mrs. Harris, the BEST teacher EVER!
 (top): Mrs. Harris (Middle): Lisa, Katherine, Karen, Ani, Mary, Me (Zoey) (Last/Bottom): Catherine
 The voters: (Back) - Molly, Daisy, Megan, Mary, Taylor, Aspyn, Karen (Front 3) - Makiera, Autumn, and Catherine
Makiera and Catherine listening to Autumn read the constatution.

and tomorrow is The LAST day of school!!! and because of this, me and my BFF (one of them) KK (nickname) will be making a video of our midnight summer swim sleepover ecstavagansa (MSSSE). I Have also been bust with our LAST school fieldtrip in Sanfran:
My first video!!!!! (this post took TWO days) So TODAY is NOW the last day of school, so you'll see MANY more videos and posts to come. See You later (litteraly) - ♥Zoey♦

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