I won't say that I am Lonley, for I have faith we will meet again

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hey guys! So a lot of crud, i mean stuff happened over halloween.
After school (we had SpeechAndDebate) while waiting for our Debate teacher, we being me wrapped Karen up in toilet paper, making her into a mummy. But.... then she started walking around, and WE BOTH got in trouble for "TP-ing" our school's first hall... :( But then I went home, and Carved my pumpkin of epic awesomeness... The SOUL EATER LOGO! Sadly, my mom's beaker muppit attempt failed. (It kinda looked like Jerry Louis from an angel...) And of course A Whole New World is still alive. Almost done with chapter 3, and i am working on a few singing covers. bye bye! - Z

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