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Saturday, November 24, 2012

I found my camera and am random!

Yes, I finally found my lost camers (i call it that, it's a camera) which is good for all you lovely people and cats who read my blog. Why you may ask. Well, For one it means i can take some lovely fall photos and videos which always seems to brighten up my viewers' days. But, I do have a problem at the moment, so i might not be AS cheery, but I'll never stop smiling for you guys. My dear, dear friend Sebastian moved to San Fransisco last Friday, and i already miss him terribly (even though we're on autumn holiday) At the momen, i am a bit down because of this, but if anyone would like to at least leave a comment for me, it would really help. :) Anyhow, back to my camers. This also means new videos such as:
  • Singing videos. my camers gets great audio. Even better than my microphone from Rosetta Stone
  • Drawing videos. Setting up camers for this is a bit tricky, but i'm working out a system so it'll be easier to set it up.
  • Around the house stuff. We acually do some pretty amazing things at my house, and i owe most of the craft and cooking stuff to mum, comidy and anime to my older brother the Chas-Man, and sports and musicals to my dad. Oh! And Nail stuff (only on such rare ocassion) to my Aunt Mia
  • Skits. My friend 'Kayla and I are curently working on a little seiries (bases off of NerdyandQuirky's S[q]id) called ZoAndBro. It started around Holloween, and we've got many ideas.
  • Special Friend Videos. My mum is amazing in the way of guests and my friends. We have sleep-overs and stuff, and i think it's a great way to make a video while having fun.
  • Trips. My grandparents sometimes take me to different places, and they never mind if i record the journies.
  • Vlogs. I love to vlog, and am starting hopefully soon. I hope to get a tri-pod for my birthday on December 11th. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)
So that seems to be a lot, and i'm sure there's more to come. Picture time
this is the  cake i hope to get for my birthday. (without the peaches. I like Raspberries much better. or strawberries)

This really has nothing to do with this post, i just really like this chair... i am a reader.

    This cake, i hope to have at my wedding someday (should i choose to get married) i mean look how cool that is!

    This is something i want to start doing for my friends, only with different messages inside.
    This is just something cool i found on muzy. I'm pretty much done here... 
    bye! - Zoey

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