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Friday, November 30, 2012

My free Opinion (An Apology) plus Saturday!!!

I would like to say that in my mind, everybody should be able to:
  1. Express themself.
  2. Be Themself; not a fabricational lie, a person
  3. Have their own opinion
  4. Give anything better than best. 1000 Percent! You don't have to, but you can.
okay so we're mainly focusing on #3. So my friend Karen (the Girl who was on my Halloween Post) Read my Halloween Post, and got pretty mad at me. Apparently i made it sound like i hadn't done ANYTHING wrong, It was all Karen's Fault, and that We TP-ed our school... I got a few Emails about that and NO! We didn't TP the school's first hall. It was an acsident. And as for the Karen's fault thinggy... We got in trouble because she chaised me around while wrapped n toilet paper. What i meaant by Basicly blaming her was this:
I attempted to tell her that it was going to fall off if she ran around. And i tried following her trails so i could pick up what toilet paper has fallen off. But by the time i found her... we both got in trouble and i got no credit for attempting to clean it up. so i am sorry. i didn't mean to keep making it sound the way i did. Let's not, however, let it ruin tomorrow (Saturday). It will remain a surprise until i post about it tomorrow... So Time for randome pictures!

I'm cosplaying as her for the school talent show (and singing one of her songs)
This is the song. I'm singing it in English.

Soul Eater
This helps me demonstrate the wonders of the options that Facebook's Muzy gives me...
Arn't these cute? And I bet their tasty too. I will learn how to make them one day soon.
 And finally the best comic ever. Comment if you can't read the text
Find this at the bottom of the blog!  -  Zoey

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